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HeavyLight are user interface design specialists, if your product has a user interface, we can help. UI’s are now at the point where they are as important as the physical device displaying them so the need for advanced design work is more important than ever…

Our process

We start by reviewing the user experience and identifying problems which our information architects then address. Our designers then work with the client to establish a strong visual language that reinforces the usability of the product, whilst exceeding the expectations of today’s visually literate user. This process can add significant value to your product range.

“The Heavylight team were exemplary – not just the excellent quality of the work, but the team demonstrated reliability, problem solving and dedication. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Johanna English

Senior Account Manager – Ogilvy Action

Interface design

HeavyLight has a wealth of experience in the design and production of both desktop and rich internet applications for the broadcast and media industries. We work with clients such as HP, BT, TWI, IPV, ParkPost and Verizon, creating striking and intuitive interfaces for their software. Our strength lies in creating a tailored and often customisable user interface for each client application. See examples


Web design

At HeavyLight we have an in-depth understanding of the latest online technologies, combined with years of design practice. We aim to satisfy clients’ and users’ needs, whilst upholding often-forgotten core design values such as typography and composition. This is how we work in order to create original and usable web sites.
See examples


Branding design

Memorable brand identity is vital in today’s visually literate market – and HeavyLight has a strong portfolio of corporate identity design. By using one company across the board the client benefits from an uncluttered design path. This allows us to create a seamless visual identity across marketing through to interface design, building an instantly recognisable style. See examples


Mobile App design

We understand the fundamental difference between apps and other media. Having been designing interfaces well before the advent of apps, we have watched their evolution and can advise clients on how to make an app work for them and exploit the most appropriate functionality available. See examples


Supporting materials

HeavyLight can conceptualise a complete design package. We create innovative and arresting exhibition stands for major shows such as IBC and NAB, as well as designing stand-out brochures, emails and customer presentations. This gives the client a consistently branded visual direction – across their UI’s and the full spectrum of their corporate material. See examples