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Liquid Alprazolam Online - Non Prescription Xanax Online

  • Liquid Alprazolam Online - Non Prescription Xanax Online

    Matt Proud | 15 Mar, 2019

    The BLAM logger running in dual monitor mode

    The BLAM logger running in dual monitor mode


    Single screen mode

    Single screen mode, with file search & browse


    Single screen mode, expanded

    Single screen mode, expanded

  • Quick and responsive producer reviews

    Matt Proud | 21 Jan, 2017

    Producer Portal UI


    We designed a new responsive web-based tool for Blue Lucy, the ‘Producer Portal’. The applicationĀ has a touch-friendly, easy-to-use UI for video producers to review, comment on, and approve clips on a laptop or tablet wherever they are. Producers are able to easily set IN and OUT points to comment on specific sequences within clips, and the app can be configured to send the notes and approval / rejection notification to various end points, including the BLAM (Blue Lucy Asset Manager).