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  • HeavyLight design new ‘Storefront’ branding for BLM

    Matt Proud | 3 Aug, 2013



    BLM are introducing their new public-facing┬ácontent publishing and point-of-sale platform, the Storefront. We designed the branding for this product, choosing a slightly retro look to reinforce it’s simplicity and B 2 C audience.

  • HeavyLight design UI for BLM’s new web-based video production tool

    Matt Proud | 2 Aug, 2013

    BLM are launching Miura ProductionWeb, a browser-based video production tool, in a move away from their previous PC native applications. We were brought in to design the UI for this from the ground up, focussing on creating a simple and easy user experience, and at the same time upgrading the look of their UI design.