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  • Rebrand and new corporate website for Sett & Lucas

    Matt Proud | 25 Jan, 2018

    Sett&lucas logo


    Sett & Lucas Contact us page


    HeavyLight redesigned the branding for financial organisation Sett&Lucas, and created a new promotional video and website under that brand.

    They wanted to keep the essence of their original logo, as it had been in place for a long time, but they were aware of the need for an update to the logo and the company’s brand overall. We worked with the existing elements, chose an new, more streamlined serif font and made the ampersand into a feature, separating out a serif from it and turning it into an arrow, which then became the unifying branding element, used throughout the video and the website.

    This brand is also reflected in the work HeavyLight have done on Zurik – a financial regulation tracking product, backed by Sett & Lucas.



  • HeavyLight creates a content portal for WorldRemit

    Matt Proud | 20 Oct, 2017

    WorldRemit Stories site


    WorldRemit are a disruptive fintech company with a strong content marketing strategy in place. However, they were lacking a good way of showing and sharing their high-quality content with the world.

    HeavyLight were hired to design a responsive content portal for them from scratch, based on the requirements of the content creators and the business. Xanax Cheap Australia now showcases their video, image and text content to it’s best advantage on all devices, with filtering by geography and subject. The project was developed in Umbraco, to allow for seamless integration into their existing Umbraco site.

  • Our IBC 2017 stand for Blue Lucy wins design award

    Matt Proud | 22 Sep, 2017

    IBC Stand design Award


    The stand won the IBC award for best shell scheme stand design at IBC 2017. This year we expanded on the pop-art theme of 2016, updating the Lichtenstein-style comic book backdrop and adding some Warhol style cans into the mix, playing on the similarity between BLAM and CAMPBELLS soup. Each ‘flavour’ of the BLAM product has it’s own colour-coded can which were given to prospective clients, filled with freebies and further info.

    The judges said: ”Nice smashing cartoon with eye catching graphics. A clear brand message is clearly ‘’ít says what it does on the tin’’