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We help our clients to tell complex stories using rich information graphics and data visualisation.

A visual representation of a process, system, or statistics is often not only beautiful, but the most digestible way of presenting data.

We design infographics from the ground up every time, based on the story to be communicated. We never use a template, or squeeze the facts into a form that doesn’t suit them.

This could be common graphical representations of facts and statistics, or more complex forms, such as 3D isometric diagrams and motion graphics.

Infographic example 1



Infographics example 2
Timelines, flowcharts, statistical graphs, maps, animation – the real work in creating infographics is at the start of the process, conceptualising the best way to represent the information – and then creating something unique and visually satisfying.

We work to client need – from simple, beautifully-rendered and data-rich still images, to striking video and/or animation presenting a narative journey through processes or contextualising facts, with or without voiceover and music.

Your infographic or data visualisation can then be presented either digitally or in print for client presentations, meetings, emails, trade shows, online or full HD big screen video, or anywhere else you might want to show it off.

Browse our portfolio of client infographics and data visualisations.