WorldRemit are a disruptive fintech company revolutionising the world of foreign remittances. Allowing migrant workers to transfer funds home far more cheaply than the existing big players in the market, they have a strong content marketing strategy in place to take them on. However, they were lacking a good way of showing and sharing their high-quality content with the world.

We designed a responsive content portal for them from scratch, based on the requirements of the content creators and the business. World Remit Stories now showcases their video, image and text content to it’s best advantage on all devices, with filtering by geography and subject. The project was developed in Umbraco, to allow for seamless integration into their existing Umbraco site.



WorldRemit Stories content filtering UI

Content filtering by world region and subject

WorldRemit Filtering on iPhone


WorldRemit Stories Newsroom page

WorldRemit Stories Newsroom page