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  • A new way to view complex media assets

    Matt Proud | 3 Oct, 2016

    Clip Inspector-featured


    As an update to their Content Agent UI which we previously designed, we created a new way of visualising video assets for Root6.

    This representation of a media file gives users an at-a-glance overview of the make-up of the file, including it’s memory size, dimensions, format, bit-rate, FPS and detailed audio information, and much more.

    We worked closely with the technical video experts at Root6 in order to design the best visual representations of the different types of data, and feel we have filled a previous gap in the ability of media software to describe these complex files in human-readable terms.

  • Blue Lucy goes POP Art for IBC 2016

    Matt Proud | 20 Sep, 2016

    IBC 2016 photo


    In a departure from the clean and simple style of previous IBC stands we’ve designed for Blue Lucy, we went for a Pop art concept for 2016’s show. Taking a cue from the name of their flagship software product the BLAM (Blue Lucy Asset Manager), we designed a pop art inspired stand to grab the attention of jaded exhibition-goers. Blue Lucy have reported back to us that the design certainly worked in that respect, with a lot of passing visitors stopping by and many comments on the radical change of style. Further expansion of the BLAM-in-a-can concept are in the works…

  • Racing Eye iOS app released

    Matt Proud | 8 Aug, 2016

    Racing Eye app in use


    We designed and built an app for Racing Insider, called Racing Eye. The app is designed to be a meeting place for everyone interested and involved in the world of horse racing. Read Allan Leonard’s daily commentary and the team’s tips, along with race cards for all major events. Alongside this exclusive content, you can read the latest opinions from people who work in racing, when available, in the Insider Report.
    Users can also contribute their own thoughts, sharing text and photos with other users on the built-in racing-dedicated social media platform.

  • Our new ‘Quick Credit Check’ widget goes online for Experian

    Matt Proud | 17 Nov, 2015



    We have designed a developed a new widget for Experian, allowing users to get a rough guide to their credit rating, based on a few simple questions. We created a very different interface for this new version, with a fresh new look and some interesting custom-built input controls, including circular and semi-circular sliders.