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  • New workflow designer for Blue Lucy

    Matt Proud | 11 Sep, 2015

    Workflow designer screenshot 2


    We designed and built the UI for Blue Lucy’s new visual workflow designer, part of their BLAM product. It’s a node-based drag n’ drop interface, allowing users to visually lay out a large and complex workflows, with the ability to zoom in an out on the canvas to get a birds-eye view, or get right into the details. Blue Lucy will be demonstrating this as part of our revamped BLAM UI at IBC 2015, starting today. To see it in action, head over to stand 7.G07

  • Printed marketing materials for Blue Lucy

    Matt Proud | 20 Aug, 2015



    We designed a new set of printed materials for Blue Lucy to use at IBC2015 in Amsterdam. Including a four page brochure, A4 info sheets and a postcard, to accompany the exhibition stand we also designed for the event.

  • Design of a Premiere Pro plug-in for Blue Lucy

    Matt Proud | 30 Jul, 2015

    BLAM Plugin for Premiere


    We designed and built the UI for Blue Lucy’s BLAM plug-in for Adobe Premiere. This allows editors to work directly on video assets and save them straight into the BLAM (Blue Lucy Asset Manager). We designed it to integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of the Premiere UI, to ensure users are completely unfazed by it’s use.

  • HeavyLight design the branding for new app MyPetPortal

    Matt Proud | 3 Jun, 2015



    We designed the branding for a new app in development that will put pet owners in direct contact with their vets, to keep track of their pet’s medical needs and appointments. We’re now designing the user interface, coming soon to iOS…